How to Seduce a Band Geek by Cassie Mae

So I want to begin my review by thanking the awesomest (don’t know if it’s a word?) author in the world known as Cassie Mae. She has written the best books ever and she still keep on going with her awesomeness. So… Love you Cassie Mae.

So this book is one of the best I have ever read. I received an ARC for an honest review.

This story consists of the heartthrob Levi who is gorgeous. Sierra who was mentioned in How to Date A Nerd likes, sorry not likes LOVES Levi but she believes that the hottie doesn’t consider her as a possible romantic interest and he just considers her as a his friend Zoe’s sister. We are introduced to Levi through buzzing?! Sierra refers to him as “Hey, jerk on the little boy bike!” This book makes me laugh so hard that I spend most of the time on the floor due to me falling with laughter. In attempts to win his heart Sierra asks her sister for advice, in return Sierra’s sister suggests that she stays the way she is. Sierra spends her Debate class swooning over him.

Being his best friends sister slammed her into younger sister category. Sierra has a few issues when it comes to boyfriends as she gets known as cock-tease. In miserable to attempt get swift of her feet by Levi she has a wardrobe change which includes Mini-skirts! (Mind you she attempts to wear something where her boobs don’t fall out :o)

Anyway back on track throughout the book she tries the most awkward ways to impress Levi, which includes taking part in playing games, a little sneak from this scene: Levi’s looking so darn cute when he says, “Your ass is mine.”

Take my ass! Take it, you sexy man, you!

A plus for her is when she realises that she has Levi’s little sister to mentor. Will she be able to accomplish what she has always wanted? Or will she fail miserably…

Read on to find out!


Hhahahahahaha love it!


This story is sooooo good that I have read it 3 times already!!!

Best read of 2014


Ikra ❤